With over 30 years of experience, noted not only for our detail and craftsmanship but also for our professionalism, we are recognized for standing by our word. Communication lines are always open for our clients throughout their projects as we provide the essentials to anyone interested in a home,  small business or  renovation project.

About Us

When you decide to build-a home, choosing the right builder is as important as choosing your design. Your satisfaction depends on the builder’s experience, skills and commitment to customer service and integrity. An important part of the process lies in finding a a builder who has these qualifications and is able to meet your needs and expectations.

Larry McCann Construction

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With over 30 years of experience in the construction business, Larry McCann Construction provides the full package of planning, rough and finish building, and remodeling services. We are widely recognized for detailed and impressive craftsmanship, provide the assurance of consistent and thorough follow-up, offer expert remodeling, and afford customers the knowledge that your home or business construction or remodeling project is in the hands of true professionals, the best builder you can find.

So too, home building is a complex job, requiring in addition to the time it takes to complete the project, many different skilled trades and countless components. It combines many disciplines, and requires design and planning upfront, along with careful management throughout the process. Everything must be done within a context of municipal and state regulations, permits, inspections and approvals. A home builder needs to deal with it all, and to do it well.

Member of: National Association of Home Builders, Wisconsin Builder's Association, Wausau Area Builder's Association.